The launch of the first global Pfleiderer collection was accompanied by a new overall concept for communication. The new brand image spans every aspect of communications and marketing, including traditional advertisement, corporate publishing and social media marketing. And this dedicated work did not escape the notice of the independent panel of experts at the German Brand Institute who choose the winner of the German Brand Award each year. The experts are the ones who nominate the companies – companies cannot apply directly on their own behalf. In this way, the initiators of the Design Council single out companies who are strengthening their brands in competitive business environments, both nationally and internationally. Pfleiderer received a ‘Special Mention’ for the ‘Interior & Living’ category.

In addition to Pfleiderer’s overall concept, traditional advertising and social media presence, the new ‘Inspirations’ magazine is also part of the new brand image that was given this award.

“Over the last year, we have merged two companies – in Germany and Poland – into one. We have combined the ranges and functions and created a unified brand image and market presence.

This internationality is a perfect example of our new ‘Pfleiderer’ brand, with all of its communication channels,” says Stefan Göldner, Head of Communication at the manufacturer of wood-based products.