Pfleiderer is investing in new lacquering technology

Pfleiderer is demonstrating innovative capacity by investing in new technologies. In close collaboration with the lacquer and adhesive specialist Kleiberit, Pfleiderer is developing a new lacquering line. This line will allow the lacquering of core materials, HPL and compact panels of a width of 2,100mm. The developed machine configuration is unique in the market. It is planned to go on stream in Leutkirch in the fourth quarter of this year. The amount invested will be around 12m EUR.

“This investment marks the beginning of a new generation of surface technology”, says Michael Scheller, who is responsible for product management and research and development at Pfleiderer. For further developing the coating system for functional surfaces in furniture manufacture and for HPL in outdoor applications, Pfleiderer will continue its exclusive collaboration with Kleiberit also in the future. “Entering into the lacquering technology will open up totally new possibilities for us. This is only the beginning of a long-term innovation process”, says Scheller: “We are aiming at providing a full range of functional surfaces”.

Pfleiderer’s exclusive development partner, dekorPUR, a subsidiary of Kleiberit, can already now provide the desired high gloss and super matt surface quality on its reference line in Barsinghausen near Hanover. This is a result of the company’s technological adjustment to the Pfleiderer process. According to Scheller, the Leutkirch plant will be able to provide the same surface quality in the future. To this effect, dekoraPUR has carried out substantial conversion work on its existing line over the last weeks. “We ensure our customers the supply of Pfleiderer products in matching decors from both lines. The new products also appeal through excellent surface properties and perfect workability”.

The surfaces will be make their first appearance at Pfleiderer’s in-house show “Inspiration days” in Neumarkt and Bielefeld from February 06 to 24.